ACHD Starts Young
Acute and Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Disease
Advocacy 101
Advocacy in Interventional Cardiology: Joseph Babb Memorial Symposium
Algorithms for Challenging Cath Lab Scenarios: A Case-Based Approach
Aorto-Illiac Disease: Case-Based Approach
Best Cases at SCAI 2020
Best Complex Structural Cases
Best Coronary Complications Cases
The Best of Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions 2019
The Best of Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions 2019
Best of JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions
Best of Quality Tip-of-the-Month
Best Peripheral Complications Cases
Cardiogenic Shock
Cardiovascular Professionals Symposium: Antithrombotic Pharmacology
Cardiovascular Professionals Symposium: Growing a Structural Heart Program
Cardiovascular Professionals Symposium: Hemodynamics and SHOCK
Carotid Artery Disease (CEA/Stenting/Medical Therapy)
Case-Based Approach to SFA (Superficial Femoral Artery)
Cases Over Cocktails
Cath Conference: Case-Based Discussion
CHD Community Forum
CHD Late Breaking Science
Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO): Current Approaches
Cindy L. Grines, MD, MSCAI Presidential Inauguration and Member Induction, FSCAI & MSCAI Recognition
Complication Management
Congenital Heart Disease Cases
Controversy! Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
Conversations with Masters
COVID-19 and Mechanical Circulatory Support
COVID-19 Session: Perspectives From the Front Lines of the Pandemic
Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI)
Cutting-Edge Medical Therapy for Peripheral Vascular Disease
Emerging Technologies in the Peripheral Space
Essential Skills for the Structuralist
Featured Clinical Research
Fundamentals of PFO Therapy
Harnessing the Power of Social Media
A Healthy and Diverse Cath Lab: Charles Chambers Memorial Symposium
High Risk PCI—Optimizing Education and Clinical Evidence Generation in the Post-COVID Era
High-Risk and Complex PCI
How the Guidelines Apply to Real Life: Case Based
Hypercoagulability and Antithrombotic Recommendations During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Imaging: When and How? And What Am I Looking At?
Interventional Cardio-Oncology
Interventional Life, Part I: How To
Interventional Life, Part II: Getting Things Done
Intravenous Platelet Inhibition in PCI: Case-Based Look at Expanding Applications
Keys for a Successful Left Atrial Appendage Program
LDL Management for the Interventionalist
Learning From the Past
Left Atrial Occlusion and PFO Closure - Clinical Update
Left Main Strategies
Left Main Strategies
Lessons from the ISCHEMIA Trial
The Low-Risk TAVR Patient: Considerations in 2020
Management of Calcified Lesions: Atherectomy and Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL)
Management of Complex Coronary Lesions—Optimizing cPCI in a Dynamic Environment
Management of the cPCI Patient: CTO, Bifurcations, and High Bleeding Risk
Mullin's Lecture
The New Frontier of Transcatheter Tricuspid Interventions
Oh My Goodness: Pulmonary Vein Stenosis
Oh My! Obstruction and Rupture
Oops! How to Stay Out of Trouble: A Primer on Complications
Oral Abstracts - Focus on the Patent Arterial Duct
Other Stuff That Does Not Go Well
Paravalvular Regurgitation: Plug the Hole!
PCI Management of Complex Anatomic Subsets
Peripheral Vascular Interventions: How the Guidelines Apply to Real Life
Peripheral Vascular Interventions: State Of the Art
Physiology-Guided PCI
Planning Complicated Interventions and Dealing With Unpredictable Complications: How to Expect the Unexpected
Polyvascular Disease, Secondary Prevention in PVI Patients With PVD
Programmatic and Technological Innovations in the Cath Lab
Protocol-Based Care and Opportunities for Standardization
Psychology of the Interventional Cardiologist
Quality: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Robotic PCI
SCAI Clinical Documents
SCAI Complex Peripheral Vascular Interventions (SCAI-CPVI) Summit: Interactive Case Discussions
SCAI Town Hall with Q&A
SCAI TRAnsition for VALUE: Incorporating Prior Bypass Patients Into Your TRA cPCI Practice
SCAI Women in Innovations (SCAI-WIN) Symposium: Cases in Structural Heart Disease
SCAI Women in Innovations (SCAI-WIN) Symposium: Structural Heart Intervention
SCAI Women in Innovations (SCAI-WIN): Coronary Artery Disease and Interventions— Sex Considerations
SCAI/ACC Joint Session: Cath Lab Economics
SCAI/Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) Joint Session: PCI State of the Art— A Case-Based Review
Structural Heart Program Building and Management
TAVR in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond
Transcatheter Mitral Repair: Simplifying Expanded Indications
Transcatheter Mitral Replacement: Today and Tomorrow
Transcatheter Mitral Replacement: Today and Tomorrow
Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair and Replacement: Selection, Therapy, and Outcomes
TRIP: Radial Access and Beyond
The Tsunami of TAVR: Translating the Science Into Practice for All Patients
Welcome by 2020 Scientific Sessions Program Chair Emmanouil S. Brilakis, MD, PhD, FSCAI and Presidential Address by Ehtisham Mahmud, MD, FSCAI, President 2019– 2020
What the Imager Can and Should Tell the Proceduralist